Pacific Northwest Book Tour


I just finished a remarkable book tour in the Pacific Northwest: Portland and Bend, Oregon, and Seattle and Bellingham, Washington.

I presented "The Haunting of the Mexican Border" at 5 venues:

1. Ascension Catholic Church for two amazing and moving events

2. Women, Wine, and Books book club event in Bend, Oregon.

3. Central Oregon Community College, Bend, Oregon

4. Ravenna Third Place Books, Seattle, Washington

5. Village Books, Bellingham, Washington


It's here in its first form! Hooray!

The Haunting of the Mexican Border: A Woman's Journey

Now available on Kindle at Amazon! Soon at additional e-book vendors such as Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Google.

Print edition available August, 2015 or pre-order for paperback is available now through the University of New Mexico Press or your favorite independent bookstore!

Kirkus Reviews

I am honored to receive a lovely review from Kirkus Reviews. Please take a look:

The Haunting of the Mexican Border: A memoir that grapples with life, death, and documentary filmmaking on the United States-Mexico border.

Or read the full review on this site on the "About the Book" page.

Book Pre-orders now!

The Haunting of the Mexican Border: A Woman's Journey is available for pre-order at the University of New Mexico Press, 800-249-7737. UMN Order Department, 1312 Basehart Rd. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106-4363. Fax your order: 800-622.8667.  OR order through your favorite local bookstore or Pre-Order on Amazon!

On its way...

Now we have the book cover and it is coming together. So excited. My new book, The Haunting of the Mexican Border, will be released in AUGUST, 2015. Thanks to the creative people at the University of New Mexico for their hard work. Gotta start planning a book launch party!