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Zhengmao Valve Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Oubei Town, Wenzhou City, China. Founded in 1992, Zhengmao Valve Co., Ltd. has been devoted to the R&D and manufacture of industrial valves for nearly 30 years, focusing on the effective control and performance optimization of industrial pipelines. The registered capital of the enterprise is 100 million yuan, and now it is a state high-tech enterprise, a AAA-class enterprise of "abiding by contracts and stressing credit" in Zhejiang Province, and an honest private enterprise in Zhejiang Province. Now the company has Dongou Industrial Zone, Zhejiang Lishui Industrial Zone, Tangtou Industrial Zone, three major valve production bases, a total area of 78600 square meters, more than 500 employees, 54 senior titles. Now it has formed a complete industrial chain consisting of valve R&D and design, valve body precision casting, whole machine production, all-round testing, and precise marketing.

The company's leading products include gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, globe valves, check valves, discharging valves, filters, special valves, etc. There are more than 60 series, several thousand types of specifications, the main valve materials are WCB, WC6, CF8, CF3, duplex stainless steel, pure titanium, pure nickel, Monel alloy and hundreds of other materials. The products cover the fields of high, medium and low pressure valves. The products serve the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, electric power, petroleum, water supply and drainage, gas and other industries at home and abroad. The customers are all over the world. The products create value for customers with their quality, and have won the honors of famous brand products in Wenzhou and famous trademarks in Wenzhou.

Quality is the cornerstone of an enterprise's foothold, because the company's unremitting pursuit of quality through ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, CE, API, PCCC and other certifications, access to special equipment pressure pipeline components (TS) A1 production license, the establishment of a sound quality assurance system. The company established the valve performance test center under the simulated real working conditions of the products, and introduced the German Blake direct-reading spectrometer, Nietong alloy analyzer, Shimadzu helium leakage detector, ultra-low temperature test system, ultrasonic flaw detector, universal material test platform, impact test machine, metallographic microscope, etc. Advanced testing equipments such as ultrasonic thickness gauge and Rockwell hardness tester carry out all-round testing on the valve. The testing temperature of the product is accurately controlled from -196 C at low temperature to - 500 C at high temperature to ensure the safe operation of the product under various harsh conditions.

Innovation is the driving force of enterprise development. The company has set up a special industrial valve R&D center with 31 R&D personnel. Now it is a state high-tech enterprise and a science and technology enterprise in Wenzhou City. It has obtained 45 national patents, including 4 invention patents, and has been developed with famous universities such as Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and Xi'an Jiaotong University for a long time. Cooperation in industry, University and research has yielded fruitful results.

In the future, Zhengmao will continue to lead the development of industrial valves with quality and innovation to meet the ever-changing challenges in the global valve field.


Wenzhou headquarters:

The company is headquartered in Oubei Town, Wenzhou, which is the "hometown of Chinese pumps and valves". It was founded in 1992 and now covers an area of 22,000 square meters. It is the core part of enterprise management, operation, R&D and sales.


Lishui Company:

In response to the Zhejiang government's "cooperation between mountains and seas" investment project, our company invested in Lishui City in 2009 to build a new production base, covering an area of 35000 square meters, mainly responsible for export valve production.


Foundry branch:

The foundry branch was established in 2007. In 2013, the new factory building under Wenzhou Bridge was completed, and the casting production capacity and product quality were further improved, which is an important part of the industrial chain layout.


Shanghai Branch:

Established in 2004, Shanghai Branch relies on the talent, regional and economic advantages of Shanghai's international metropolitan platform, and is mainly responsible for corporate export trade, new product development and after-sales service.


China. Zhengmao Valve Co., Ltd. has opened the curtain of the take-off, facing the sea, facing the rising sun, and raising the sail of the long-distance flight. China's reform and opening up has given us unprecedented opportunities. After more than 20 years of hard work, we have harvested a highly competitive company, a dynamic team and an intangible asset with an era value.

Thanks to the responsibilities and opportunities that the times have given us. In the process of China's modernization and social transformation, we are destined to bear more pain and hardship than our fathers and future generations, and have greater possibilities and hopes because Today, our party and society are more mature, and we are smarter and more confident. Thank you, care and support every friend of China Zhengmao Valve.


  • Hard work-1983

    Jiangbei Tangtou Valve Processing Factory was established. The products have been processed mainly. The founding employees are only the factory director Lin Jianzhong and the younger brother Lin Jianguo.
  • Zhengmao brand establishment-1992

    The Yongjia County Zhengmao Stainless Steel Valve Factory was established. Since then, the “Zhengmao” brand has been officially used, and the company has moved away from the original plus workshop mode to its own production and sales model.
  • Shanghai Zhengmao Valve Co., Ltd. was established-2004

    Shanghai Zhengmao Valve Co., Ltd. was established and obtained import and export licenses. Valve products began to be sold all over the world.
  • 20,000 square new factory built-2006

    The 20,000-square-meter new plant in Wuxing Industrial Zone, Yubei Town, Wenzhou City was completed and put into operation. The corporate headquarters also moved to the plant area, and the production capacity of the company has advanced by leaps and bounds.
  • Lishui Company built -2012

    The company's plant is completed and put into production, mainly producing export American standard valve products.
  • The construction of the new factory under the bridge is completed.-2013

    The bridge under the new casting plant was completed, the foundry branch moved from Qibei Town to Qiaoxia Town, and the production line was expanded to three intermediate frequency furnace production lines. It was jointly awarded by Zhejiang Propaganda Department and Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce as “Zhejiang Honest Private Enterprise”. honor.




Dedicated to effective control and performance optimization of industrial pipelines.


Stick to quality and innovate to be the promoters of valve industry

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Honesty and pragmatism
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