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The Haunting of the Mexican Border Upcoming Event in Washington

  • Village Books 1200 11th Street Bellingham, Washington (map)

I can't wait to meet everyone for the book presentation of The Haunting of the Mexican Border at Village Books in Bellingham, along with a slide-show of what is happening at the Arizona/Mexico border.

Book Summary:  While filmmaking in the Sierra Madre, the author crossed political and personal lines at the US/Mexico border. After learning that the border is a deadly place, for 12 years she carried water on Arizona desert trails to end migrant deaths. From coffee in the kitchen to a day in federal court, she experienced how US immigration policies erode the life of an ordinary citizen on both sides of the border.

 About the book: “The Haunting of the Mexican Border” is a finalist for the Sarton Women’s Literary Award, given annually to a woman published in the US and Canada.

This is an important book at the right time. We need to read this story and understand its vision. Recommended. - Luís Alberto Urea, author of The Devil's Highway.

This is a must-read for anyone intending to live in and understand 21st Century America.  - Marc Cooper, Journalist and author of Pinochet and Me: A Chilean Anti-Memoir

 The Haunting of the Mexican Border is a breathtaking work of art. Ferguson's artistry shines in her prose, polished and raw in a perfect combination. This story of a time and place lifts your heart with beauty, breaks it with reality, and then lifts and inspires again.  - Story Circle Book Review

 Author Bio: Kathryn Ferguson is author of the nonfiction book The Haunting of the Mexican Border:  A Woman’s Journey published by the University of New Mexico Press, 2015She is co-author of award winning Crossing with the Virgin: Stories from the Migrant Trail, published by the University of Arizona. For 12 years, she has volunteered with Tucson Samaritans to end deaths and suffering on the desert to carry life-saving food, water, and medicines to undocumented people crossing the desert of southern Arizona on 2,000 miles of trails.